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Carousel Creates turns inspiration into script, for writers from four to a hundred and four, offering the writer a life enhancing experience in relaxed settings.


Learn to look at life under the lens of the written word. Let us infuse you with energy and focus to fire your imagination.


Carousel Creates; offering writing experiences to writers of all ages and lifestyles.


Congratulations to Trish Nugent who won first place in Carousel's March Competition with her Blog Idea.

Following the course, Trish went on to set up her new blog and is having a blast as well as successfully entering into the world of blogging!


Blog of the everyday housewife


I’m facing all my writing fears

Running out of new ideas

I see where I’m going wrong

I’ve been doing it far too long

Writing everything in rhyme

I know I do it all the time

It’s time to take another road

Forget my poetry, my odes

Time to write about my life

The diary of a Dublin wife

My ups, my downs, my ins, my outs

My thoughts, my dreams, my fears my doubts

The things that make me laugh and cry

That brings me both despair and joy

I hope that my blog won’t bore

I hope you will come back for more.





















There was nothing more pleasurable and informative than attending Louise Phillips’ Writing Courses at the scenic and serene enclave of Ireland that is Carousel Creates. Louise’s information and advice helped me to grow as an author and gave more confidence behind my pen. Learning from one of the best crime writers I know (and her reputation precedes her) was an experience I’d recommend to anyone I know who is looking to embark in the literary field, especially crime. I cannot vouch for her enough. She’s proven to be one of the best there is in the field and she certainly knows her stuff. It’s one course I’ll always remember.


Jax Miller

(Signed with Harper Collins for a six figure two book deal following her course at Carousel Writers' Centre)