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Carousel Creates turns inspiration into script, for writers from four to a hundred and four, offering the writer a life enhancing experience in relaxed settings.


Learn to look at life under the lens of the written word. Let us infuse you with energy and focus to fire your imagination.


Carousel Creates; offering writing experiences to writers of all ages and lifestyles.


Congratulations to Claire Coughlan on winning a free place on Jax Miller's workshop in November with our Carousel Writers' Competition. (See winning piece below)

For a chance to win a free place on Bernadette Kearns' Workshop in December see our Competition Page.




It was late when we arrived at Susie’s. The pubs were still open, but no-one seemed to be in them, or even on the streets. The rain tropical in its force, gutters rapid with the spill.

Basilah sitting sentry on my squashed rucksack, drinking cup after cup of instant black coffee, me watching out the window as a lone fox slunk behind a scattered dustbin foraging for any remaining flesh on old bones.

Then the searchlights of the taxi, the abrasive beep of the horn. I went to heave the rucksack on to my back, but Basilah shouldered it instead, buckling under its weight.

“All right?” She nodded and I tried to smile as we sped into the hot, damp night.


Susie’s street is a mixture of Asian supermarkets; noodle restaurants; a Sufi mosque; an African wig shop, the discombobulated heads ghostly in the artificial light.

The city only half awake, the blinds on the windows of Susie’s Hairdressers three quarters drawn, giving the impression of sleepy eyes.  My rucksack helpless on the pavement, the scuffed plastic already saturated. Music from a late night casino next door, the heavy bass syncopating against the snare drum in my chest.

Claire Coughlan


Congratulations to Patricia Gibney on winning a free place on Carolann Copland's workshop in October with our Carousel Writers' Competition. (See winning piece below)

For a chance to win a free place on Bernadette Kearns' Workshop in December see our Competition Page.


You walk through the wrought iron gates without touching their white-frosted bars.

A swirling icy breeze catches your breath and a watery sun casts a shimmering mist through the lonely headstones. These eerie monoliths, rooted in the shade of towering Pines, spread yawning shadows over the earthly mounds. Crystallized snow, frosted onto Christmas wreaths, adds a mystical feel to the desolate atmosphere.

The wind increases. It rustles the clear plastic wrapping of a Poinsettia potted plant. Its red heads are blackened as they wilt, a reminder that someone had once visited, leaving a token for those no longer alive but living on in a memory.  

Solitude wraps itself around your shoulders like a threadbare shawl providing little comfort, and you wonder what stories are hidden deep beneath the hewn stone; what metaphorical skeletons lie buried amongst the human bones, in the unforgiving soil.

A chime tinkles on a pink plastic butterfly, a solitary reminder of the resting place of an angel. It stirs the stillness and a chill traverses your spine.

You leave like a spectre, shrouded in a soft grey mist.

The frozen pathway, intolerant to your footsteps, leaves no trace that you’ve been here.

Patricia Gibney







There was nothing more pleasurable and informative than attending Louise Phillips’ Writing Courses at the scenic and serene enclave of Ireland that is Carousel Creates. Louise’s information and advice helped me to grow as an author and gave more confidence behind my pen. Learning from one of the best crime writers I know (and her reputation precedes her) was an experience I’d recommend to anyone I know who is looking to embark in the literary field, especially crime. I cannot vouch for her enough. She’s proven to be one of the best there is in the field and she certainly knows her stuff. It’s one course I’ll always remember.


Jax Miller

(Signed with Harper Collins for a six figure two book deal following her course at Carousel Writers' Centre)